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Qualifying - Hotels, Cars, and Cruises Are Not All Alike

Qualifying takes place in the initial conversation with any one of our Cruise Counselors. We use this conversation to find out your likes and dislikes, wants and desires. Once we find out what is important to you, we then find the cruise line that best fits you.


Believe it or not, all cruise lines are not alike.


If you go on a cruise without knowing the differences, you are more likely to be disappointed in your vacation. It is important to note that each cruise line is distinctly different and offers you many different choices and experiences. If you are expecting the Ritz we want you to experience the Ritz... not the Motel 6!

Importantly, we do not ‘push’ particular cruise lines – we work for and represent you. It is in our best interest that you have the cruise vacation of a lifetime… we want you to go again!


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