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Booking Through Other Travel Agencies - Don't Pay More!

Since Admiral of the Fleet Cruise Center is a high volume agency the cruise lines offer us rates that they will not provide others. Think of us as a preferred supplier of the cruise lines. Unlike other agencies, when we can get you a lower rate or certain amenities, we don’t keep it for ourselves – we always pass it along to you.

Another perk? When you book with us, we monitor your rates to ensure you get the best deal. What does this mean? Say you book your cruise in January and are scheduled to sail in October. You paid $750 per person and two months later you find out the cruise is now $650 per person. WE WILL GET YOU THAT LOWER RATE!

Additionally, we only sell cruises. When you go through other agencies that do not specialize in cruising, there is a pretty high likelihood that they just do not know the product as well as you should expect them to.  There are over 19 major cruise lines in addition to specialized cruise lines (river cruises, specialty Alaska cruises, etc.) with changes each and every day.  You deserve to have a cruise only professional working for you.


The question you must ask yourself is this:


Do you just want to someone to book your cruise vacation?




Do you want to work with us to make your cruise

vacation one that you will remember for a lifetime?



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