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Book Through Internet Travel Engines - Pay A 'Service' Fee


There are two main differences you need to consider when choosing between an internet travel site and us: service and service fees. Internet travel sites charge between $5 and $15 just to book on their sites... and they call that a 'service fee'; just to use their site! We consider service to be working with you to determine your needs, putting you on the cruise of your dreams, at the best price possible.


MORE OFTEN THAN NOT, PRICE IS EQUAL! 10% of the time, we will have better rates than Internet sites like Expedia and Travelocity. 89% of the time, we'll have the same rates. The other 1%? Sometimes they have a great deal on a 3 day cruise that's just too good to pass up.


So, knowing that price is more often than not equal, our service (and

the fact that we do not charge service fees) becomes your advantage.


We think you should know that service, knowledge and expertise are important.  Don’t believe us?  Go through the internet and book your cruise – just hope you don’t have any questions and be prepared to pay the service charge on the last step before you book!


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We Do Not Charge Service Fees!