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Charity & Fundraising Cruises - A Fun, NEW Way To Raise Needed Money

So, why is a Fundraising Cruise valuable? We’ve got a few reasons:

 - Everyone travels,

 - The cruise lines will actually GIVE YOU MONEY,

 - It requires little time and/ or effort for you or your staff,

 - It’s different and can be added to your current activities without cannibalization.

Just about all the major cruise lines have Fundraising and Charity programs. All you need to be is a 501c3 affiliation and the cruise lines will actually give you money for every cabin that’s booked onboard your group. It’s that simple.

Let me share an example of one we did with our local Puget Sound Komen for the Cure. We worked with them to select a ship and sail date and came up with Cruise for the Cure which would give $300 for every cabin booked to the Komen Foundation. IT WAS A HUGE SUCCESS: we raised over $8,500 on our first cruise!


Here was the process:

Step 1: The Set Up. We worked with Komen to design a program that we felt would be beneficial and appealing to Breast Cancer survivors and those living with the disease. With that in mind, we selected a ship and sail date (Alaska Cruise in September) that maximized local appeal, cost, and the most money coming back to Komen. We then contacted a Guest Speaker, developed an activity schedule and started advertising.

Step 2: Advertising. This is important because for this to work, you must be willing to use your database to get the information out. We DO NOT want your mailing list – we just need to be able to communicate with your database! Komen supported the communication through their newsletter, website, and Seattle Run for the Cure while Cruise Center supported the event with local newspaper advertising, postcard creation, website (see page here), newsletter, and internet promotion (pay per click and other avenues). The best part about advertising is that we have developed strong relationships with our cruise line partners and they will help support (share in the cost) of advertising so your advertising expenditure is little to nothing.

Step 3: Making The Sale. Here is where your non-profit really wins: we do all the work! We handle the entire booking process – the most you’ll do is this: if someone calls you, you’ll need to give them our contact information. We provide all the information and take the booking. Seriously.

Step 4: Collecting The Check: 3 months after the sailing we will collect a check from the cruise line and hand it to you. That simple.

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All we’d like is the opportunity to see if a Charity/ Fundraising Cruise would be good for you. Give Nate a call to discuss – he’d love to talk with you more about it.

Nate Paris



Do you know of any organization that might benefit from this?

Please contact Nate and he'll follow up.


 - Church or religious organizations

 - Medical Research

 - Medical Outreach (Gilda's Club, etc)

 - Boy and Girl Scouts!

 - Homeowner Associations

 - Rotary Clubs

 - Builder Associations


$8,500 Raised For Komen!